Tuesday Jun 18, 2024 03:25

Code of Ethics

Code of conduct of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company
We, the employees of SOHA Pharmaceutical Company, believe that the foundation of work ethic lies in the words of the Holy Prophet Mohammad:
“May God have mercy on one who performs an action sturdy and firmly.”
Therefore, it is committed to the best performance to achieve the maximum benefit for the stakeholders. In addition, we strive to institutionalize the following goals and beliefs:
1. Believing that we must play a role in the health of all human beings.
2. Adherence to the culture of work and effort in the field of economy and production and service to the people and to satisfy customers and stakeholders.
3. It is important to believe that customers deserve the best products.
4. Believing in religious culture and following it in your speech and behavior in relation to stakeholders with emphasis on justice.
5. Full observance and implementation of administrative laws and regulations and avoidanc
e of any abuse of job position and discrimination in business interactions and communications, and protection of organizational information and secrets.
6. Commitment to the correct and timely implementation of obligations and a sense of responsibility towards the profession and the organization and prioritizing organizational interests.
7. Observing the order, discipline and tidiness of the work environment and the beauty of the appearance in accordance with Islamic culture.
8. Promotion and development of organizational knowledge as the company’s capital and knowledge management within the framework of company criteria.
9. Perform production and documentation activities based on GMP principles
10. Efforts to make optimal use of available resources and facilities with a resource and environment conservation approach.